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Q: What does a A sharp symbol look like?
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What did ancient Chinese fireworks look like?

they look like sharp wood and sharp jewel

What does a sharp note look like?

i looks sharp

What does a G magor key signature look like?

1 sharp, F sharp (the sharp symbol goes on top line of treble clef where "F" is located and the second line from the top where the bass clef "F" is). Hope that helps!!

What does a sharp look like?


What does the tyrannosaurus-rex look like?

Sharp teeth Sharp claws

What does a Gurdwara symbol look like?

there is no symbol of the gurdwara

What accidental raises a sharp?

A double sharp. They look like bold letter 'x'.

What do the margay's teeth look like?

Their teeth are sharp.

What does a g sharp note look like?


What is the at smybol look like?

The 'at' symbol is @ .

Why does a sharp sign look like a number hash?

It looks like this: #

What does an F double sharp look like?

A double-sharp resembles a small letter "x."