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Mathematicians can do many different types of work. They can be a school teacher, accounting, researcher, engineering. Some mathematicians can also work in fields such as astronomy and space exploration, and robotics.

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Q: What does a Mathematician do for work?
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Which Mathematician is known for his work with tessellation?

M.C. Esher

What German mathematician who did work in invariant theory?

clebsch Hilbert

What other scientific work did Newton do?

aleex- he worked as a mathematician

What is the highest honor a mathematician can receive for his or her work?

Fields Medal

French mathematician did innovative work in the 19th century?

charles hermite

Which Muslim mathematician and astronomer is known for his work in algebra?

Al khwarizmi

What did Andre-Marie Ampere work?

He worked as a physicist as well as a mathematician.

What 19th century french mathematician did very innvoative work with equations?


What french mathematician clarified much of Euclid's work?

Adrien-Marie Legendre

What famous Italian mathematician was influenced by al-Khwarizmi's work in algebra?

he was interested in math

What 19th century French Mathematician's work was later proof of the trancendance of Pi?

Charles Hermite was the 19th century French mathematician who developed the method to prove that pi is a transcendental number.

Who was the ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician that produced a work that contained valuable instructions on preparing maps?