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This web site cannot post pictures.

But click on the "related links" section to see some pictures.

Note that they do not make US $500 bills any more.

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Q: What does a US 500 dollar bill look like?
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Who is the president on the 500 dollar bill?

President William McKinley. was on the 500 dollar bill

What building is on the back of the 500 dollar bill?

There is no building on the back of a 500 dollar bill

What does a 1943 US 500 dollar bill look like?

It doesn't look like anything because there aren't any 1943-dated $500 bills. In fact there are no 1943 US bill of any denomination.If you mean 1934, please see the Related Link for images.

What does a Korean 500 dollar bill look like?

South Korea does not use dollars so there is no $500 Korean bill. Their currency is called the won (pronounced "wahn") and the smallest denomination bill is 1000 won.Please see the Related Link for more information.

Which dollar bill is William McKinley on?

The 500 dollar bill, which is no longer in use.

Was there a 500 dollar bill in 1923?

Yes, 500 dollar bills were in circulation in 1923

Is there a 5 hundred dollar bill?

There was a 500$ dollar bill in 1928 and 1934 but i wish there where 500$ dollar bill in 2010!!! The president on the $500 bill is President William McKinley serving in office from 1897-1901. He only served 4 years.

Who is pictured on the US 500 dollar bill?

On the American $500 bill, William McKinley is featured.

Which president is on the face of a five hundred dollar bill?

The 500 dollar bill has a portrait of William McKinley on the face of the bill.President William McKinleyPresident William McKinly was on the $500 bill.

Who is on the front of the 500 dollar bill?

William McKinley is found on the observe of the five hundred dollar bill.

Is 500 dollar bill real?

Yes they are real

Is there such thing as a 500 dollar bill?

actually no there isnt