What does a W 2 look like?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What does a W 2 look like?
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What does a point w look like?


Why does the constellation cassiopeia look like a squiggly line?

It doesn't, it looks like a "W".

What are the flying boxes with what look like dog bones on them on animal crossing?

Presents in the sky, you have 2 shoot them w/ your slingshot.

What does George W. Bush look like?


Does a W chromosome look like a W?

No, W and Z were just chosen as the names to distinguish them from X and Y.

How does W Chapei look like?

No star exists with that name

What does a pit house look like?

A pit house looks like a house w/ no windows and no doors w/ some rooms underground.

What Cassiopeia is represented by formation that look like a giant letter?


What does a cursive W look like?

Please view the Related Link below to view a picture of a cursive W.

Why is a 'w' called a 'double U'?

A "W" is called a "Double U" because U's used to be written like V's- and a W looks like two V's put together (W and VV look very simular)

I really like this girl look at the discussion?

w? whatdo u mean

What is a non standard w-2?

Nonstandard W-2:Is handwrittenLooks like it was prepared on a typewriterAppears to have been altered in any way