What does a division sign look like?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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it is either a dash with a dot on top and bottom or a colon or a forward slash

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Q: What does a division sign look like?
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What do a division sign in math look like?


What does a division sign look like on a calculator?

Most are a left-to-right line with a dot centered above it and another centered below it.

Where the division sign on a key bored?

There is no division sign but press Alt 246 and you will get a division sign ÷

What is the division sign in French?

the division sign in French is written " : "the division sign in French is written " : "

What does an at sign look like?

the at sign looks like this: @

How do you work out how many of something fits into something?

by doing division. this is the division sign: cant find it sry but a division sign is like a period over a line with a period under a line.

Where is the division sign on the key board?

normally a keyboard wont have a division button... but.. you can put division like this 4/2 = 2 get it?

How do you find the division sign?

The division sign is simple. Draw a short line similar to a dash like this - Put a dot on top of the line and put a dot under the line. That symbol indicates division.

What does a no power boats ahead sign look like?

what does a no power boat ahead sign look like

What does the aka sign look like?

it looks like the delta sign.

How to find a square root?

well the square root of 16 is 4. look: 42 = 16 because 4 X 4 = 16. just put any number under the square root sign. (it looks like a division sign except it's like a check mark and a division sign put together) so put your number under there and you got the square root of a number

What does the square sign look like?

The square sign looks like a square.