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Most are a left-to-right line with a dot centered above it and another centered below it.

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Q: What does a division sign look like on a calculator?
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What is the division sign on a standard calculator?

the: / mark

What do a division sign in math look like?


Where is the multiplication sign on a calculator?

above the - and below the division

What strokes on a calculator do you hit for fractions?

you can just hit the division sign to get a fraction

How do you do powers on a ti-84 plus calculator?

There is a button above the division sign that looks like this: ^ You type: 2^5 which means 25

What is 485 divided by 18?


Why don't windows vista calculator have a division button on it?

It does. It's the / sign. In fractions, / stands for divided by.

What does a division sign look like?

it is either a dash with a dot on top and bottom or a colon or a forward slash

What is 94 out of 440 as a percentage?

OK:1. Type 94 into your calculator.2. Type in a division sign.3. Type 440 into your calculator.4. Hit the equals sign.5. You get an answer of .2136 to the nearest thousandth.6. Multiply the answer by 100 to get the answer as a percentage.Here is the answer: 21.36%

What is the division sign in French?

the division sign in French is written " : "the division sign in French is written " : "

Where the division sign on a key bored?

There is no division sign but press Alt 246 and you will get a division sign ÷

What does an at sign look like?

the at sign looks like this: @