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a=4because to find a you have to do the opposite which would be divide and 36 divided by 9 equals 4. 4 times 9=36.

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Q: What does a equal 9a equals 36?
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What is the answer to 4a plus 5 equals 9a?

a is equal to 1.

In algerbra what is 9a-a-a equals?

It is: 9a-a-a = 7a

What is a if 9a equals 18b?

If: 9a = 18b Then: a = 2b

What does 9a squared equal?

9a squared = 81a^2

What does a equal if 9a is equal to 36?

9a = 36 9a/9 = 36/9 a = 4 Explanation: To answer this equation we must get "a" all by itself on one side. "a" is an unknown variable that as far as we know right now, could be anything. "9a" really means "9 times a" (or that we have 9 "a's"). To get "a" by itself we have to divide "9a" by 9. This will give us "1a" which is the same as just saying "a". In algebra the equation must stay constant. Whatever you do to one side you must also do to the other. This means we must also divide 39 by 9. Our final equation will be "a = 4". There are two quick methods we can use to check our answer: 1) With algebraic expressions we can check our answers by working backwards. If we take "a = 4" and now multiply both sides by nine what do we get? Well "a" times 9 would be "9a" (as we mentioned before, "9a" really just means 9 times "a"), and 4 times 9 is 36. So again we have 9a = 36. "a" must equal 4. 2) We can also check our answer by substituting the final answer for "a" in the place of "a" in our original question and then solve it to see if it is true. So "9a = 36" becomes "9 times 4 = 36" (recall again that "9a" really just means "9 times a"). 9 times 4 is 36 so our final answer becomes "36 = 36", therefore we have the correct answer. "a" must equal 4.

What is 9a plus 21 equals?

9a+21 3(3a+7)

What is -6 to the second power equal?

-62 equals -36

2a plus 5a plus 9a equals?

2a+5a+9a = 16a

Is 36 equal to 36 percent?

No, 36 equals to 100%. Each number equals to 100% as long as it is not part or percentage of something.

What does 3yards equal to in inches?

it equals 36 inches

-14 plus 9a equals 38?

-14 + 9a = 389a = 52a = 52/9 or 5.78

How many meters does 36 inches equal?

36 inches equals about 0.9144 meters.

36 inches equals how many yards?

36 inches is equal to one yard.

Does 2 times18 equal 36?

yes 2 times 18 equals 36

Does 3 ft equal 36 in?

3 feet equals 36 in. or 91.44 centimeters.

What is 12a plus 6b plus 9a plus 14b equals?

12a + 6b + 9a + 14b =(12a + 9a) + (6b + 14b) =21a + 20b

How do you solve -21 equals 9a-15-3a?

-21 = 9a - 15 - 3a -6 = 6a -1 = a

What is the answer to 9a plus 2 equals 4a-18?

a= -4

How do you solve 9a plus 4a equals 26?

9a + 4a = 26 13a = 26 a = 26/13 a = 2

What is the answer to x divided by -3 equals 12?

x is equal to -36

What is a yard equal in inches?

One yard equals 36 inches

How do you solve this equation 4a-2.1 equals 9a plus 5.4?

4a - 2.1 = 9a + 5.4 4a - 9a = 5.4 +2.1 -5a = 7.5 -a = 1.5 a = -1.5

What two numbers when you multiple them together equals 36 then when you add them they equal 0?


How many light years equal 36 trillion?

36 trillion light years equals 36 trillion light years.

What does 6x6 equal?

Six multiplied by six equals 36. 6 x 6 = 36