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oxygen...fuel...heat (IN THE SHAPE OF A TRIANGLE)

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Q: What does a fire triangle look like in science of burning?
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When was The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning created?

The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning was created in 1836.

What are 2 other ways to put out a fire without using a fire extinguisher that might be used at an airport by fire departments and at home?

Fire is like a triangle. It is made up of oxygen, what is burning, and what is making it burn. If you take out one side of the triangle, then the fire will go out. Two other ways to put out a fire would be to smother it or to cut off its oxygen supply.

How does fire smell like?

It depends on what is on fire. If I were to be lighting a candle, I would smell burning wax. If paper were on fire, I'd smell burning paper. The scent of fire is really hard to explain. Maybe it smells like charcoal.

What does fire smoke smell like?

It would depend on what is burning.

What is the temperature in Satan?

Like burning fire, he is evil. its cold a burning cold to bring the appearance of heat.

What is Simile for dust?

The red dust was like a burning ring of fire

Why does your four wheeler smell like it is burning?

Possibly because it's on fire. Get off the vehicle and make sure it is not burning.

How do match sticks turn black?

the fire burds the mach and it turns black like fire burning a home

What is the Dali painting with horse that looks like its on fire?

Do you mean the "Burning Giraffe".

Why is a burning candle extinguished by a fire extinguisher?

Like any other fire, a burning candle requires fuel, heat, oxygen and a chemical reaction. If you use a fire extinguisher, it typically removes the heat or oxygen from the process, thus stopping the fire.

Why is it that fanning burning wood keeps the wood burning?

Fanning them brings in more oxygen. With more oxygen you get more fire.

How come you can't smell fire but what it burns?

Because fire is just heat of what’s burning. Like fire on its own is noting. It’s not possible. Fire is just heat, but if you put that heat on wood it’ll smell like burning wood. same with meat and other stuff. Heat doesn’t have a smell.