What does a hen look like?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Q: What does a hen look like?
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Do a hen look like its young?


What does guinea hen look like?

Here is a webpage with a lot of nice guinea hen pictures

What does a full grown Rhode Island hen look like?

See the links below.

What does a Cornish hen look like?

it has dark brown feathers with a gold and red pattern

What is a fen?

do you mean hen. Its like a chicken.n hen

Why does your hen look like a rooster?

Personally, after raising chickens of all types for 35 years, my hens look like hens. However, some of my roosters also look like hens. Not only can there be delayed feathering in a rooster, but genetically there is a condition called "hen feathered rooster". In delayed feathering, the rooster pattern will occur eventually. In the genetic condition, you know you've got a "hen feathered rooster" when he starts mounting the hens and exposes the penis during a "cloacal kiss".

Partners animals like hen and rooster?

Chicken Hen and Rooster Duck hen and Drake Turkey hen and Tom Peahen and Peacock

What does a 5 month old hen look like?

A hen that is 5 month old is called a pullet. She is generally not as large as the full grown hen, usually slimmer, and her comb and wattles may not be full sized yet. Here is a website that will show you the progression from Hatch to 1 year.

What would chicks look like if rooster is white leghorn and hen a Rhode Island red?

a light red with males with lighter heads

How long should you boil a hen?

Don't that's evil

What is the name or a female turkey?

Like most poultry, a female turkey is referred to as a hen.

What is a hen married to '?

I dont believe hens get married they mate and a hen would marry another hen just like humans marry other humans.