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Q: What does a hexagon with four right angles look like?
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What does a hexagon with all right look like?

It is not possible to have a hexagon with all right angles.

What does a hexagon look like if it has two right angles?

The answer will depend on whether the two right angles are adjacent, alternate or opposite and also on the measures of the remaining angles.

What is the most right angles a quadrilateral can have?

Quadrilaterals have four sides, and therefore four angles, so the most right angles it could have is four, like a square.

What does a hexagon with three right angles look like?

It would look a bit weird, but the only way to achieve this is by curving the sides or by making a concave hexagon.

What does a irregular hexagon look like?

An Irregular hexagon looks like anything that has no bended angles/sides. Also it only has 6 sides/angles.

What is a Rectangle like?

A four-sided plane figure with four right angles

Which polygon doesn't belong out of a rectangle and triangle and hexagon and trapezoid?

If the triangle and hexagon are equilateral, then the trapezoid is not like the others because all of its angles are not equal. A rectangle will have 4 equal right angles. An equilateral triangle will have 3 equal acute 60 degree angles. An equilateral hexagon will have 6 equal obtuse 120 degreeangles.

What does a parallelogram with four right angles look like?

It looks like a rectangle

How many right angles does a hexagon have?

A regular hexagon (all sides and angles congruent) has no right angles, although it's possible that an irregular hexagon could. All hexagons have six sides and six angles. The angles must add up to 720°. So it would be possible to have as many as 5 angles equal 90° (5 x 90° = 450°), and one angle equal 270° (450° + 270° = 720°).Take a rectangle then cut a rectangular notch at one of the corners. You now have 6 sides and 6 angles. Five of the angles are right angles (90°). The sixth angle looks like a right angle, but it is 'cut in' (the polygon is concave, now): the measure of this angle is 270°.

Is a square like a hexagon?

You decide how "alike" they are. A square has four sides; a hexagon has six. In a square, all sides have the same length, all angles have the same measure. In a hexagon, this may or may not be the case.

How do you draw the two lines forming four right angles?

Two lines that are perpendicular to each other will form four right angles which looks like a large + sign

What is the drawing of two lines forming four right angles?

Two lines which are perpendicular to each other will form four right angles and they look like a large + sign