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It makes a -2 from the answer you get in the end.

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Q: What does a minus and minus make in math?
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What does a plus with a minus under it mean math?

A plus with a minus under it means "plus or minus" in math.


Thirty seven minus five is thirty two. Learning primary math functions such as addition and subtraction will make learning higher levels of math easier. Math can be a lot of fun.

Is decrease in math is minus or plus?

In math decrease means minus and increase means plus

Does the color RED equals plus or minus?

red is minus in math

What is 238 minus 92?

238 minus 92 is 146. Simple math.

What is 2009 minus 1957?

2009 minus 1957 is 52. This math problem was pretty easy. All you do is use mental math.

What are the different math operations?

minus sign

In math what is another word for subtract?


What is -?

It can also be called a minus, like in math.

What does 2010 minus 1997 equal?

This is math you can do in your head (mental math).13

What is the minus sign used for?

the minus sign is used for subtraction in math. it shows that you are subtracting

What is in math minus five plus parenthesise minus nine parenthesise equals?


Examples of antonyms that are related in math?

The Exmaples of Antonyms related in Math is: . . . Plus-Minus . . . . :)

What is the name of minus sign in math?

A subtraction sign.

What is positive 3 minus negative 6 equal in math?

3 minus -6 is 9.

What is a minus times minus?

Simple math rules state that a negative times a negative equals a positive!

The plus and minus signs in math were initially used in?


How do you get a range answer for math?

you minus the greatest number by the least and the answer is the range

What is range in math tram?

the range is the maximum minus the minimum.

What is fourteen minus five?

it is 9 math i so easy!

What is a math question for 64?

What is 64 minus 63 hhahahahah

What does a plus and and minus make?

= a minus

What are some other words for subtraction in math?

Take away and minus.

What is 18kg minus 325g?

17675 grams! (^-^)/ Math wiz in the house

What is 4plus 5i divided by 2 minus 3i?

math and algebra