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it looks like dots on a graph going left and down \

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Q: What does a negative correlation look like?
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What is the difference between positve and negative correlation?

Positive correlation has a positive slope and negative correlation has a negative slope.

What does the sign of the correlation coefficient tell you about the association?

Positive correlation = positive association Negative correlation = negative association

Are negative correlation and reverse correlation same?


What are three types of correlations?

positive correlation-negative correlation and no correlation

Is -.187 a positive or negative correlation?

It's a negative correlation because it is less than 0

What negative correlation indicate?

the negative sign on correlation just means that the slope of the Least Squares Regression Line is negative.

Is certain a negative connotation or positive correlation?

A positive correlation.

Is 0.5 the strongest correlation coefficient?

No. The strongest correlation coefficient is +1 (positive correlation) and -1 (negative correlation).

What are the trends of a line?

They can be positive correlation, negative correlation or no correlation depending on 'line of best fit'

What is a negative correlation?

A negative correlation is a measure of the linear component of a relationship where one variable increase as the other decrease.

What are characteristics of negative correlation?

A negative correlation means that two variables are inversely related. This means that as one variable increases the other decreases. When a negative correlation is plotted, it forms a downward slanting line.

How can you tell from a scatter plot wheather two variables have a positive correlation a negative correlation or no correlation?

Positive correlation = the slope of the scattered dots will rise from left to right (positive slope) Negative correlation = the slope of the scattered dots will fall from left to right (negative slope) No correlation = no real visible slope, the dots are too scattered to tell.