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Greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.

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Q: What does a obtuse triangle look like?
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How does a triangle polygon look like?

it can be a triangle that is right, acute, or obtuse

What does an obtuse triangle look like and how many degrees?

an obtuse triangle is any triangle with an angle over 90 degrees, typically they look like \_ with a line connecting the two rays.

How does an obtuse triangle look like?

no right angle with only one angle is obtuse

Is a triangle like an obtuse scalene triangle?

Sometimes, it can or can not be a obtuse triangle.

What does an isosceles obtuse triangle look like?

It has 3 sides

What does a polygon with three angles with two of the angles being acute look like?

A right angle triangle or an obtuse triangle

What kind of triangle have an angle that measures 179 degrees?

It will be an obtuse or an isosceles triangle which would look like a straight line

What triangle has an obtuse angle?

An obtuse triangle has an obtuse angle.

What is a triangle with an obtuse angle?

obtuse triangle

What is an equilateral triangle obtuse triangle?

An oxymoron. An equilateral triangle cannot be obtuse; an obtuse triangle cannot be equilateral.

A triangle with 1 obtuse angle?

A triangle with 1 obtuse angle is called an obtuse triangle.

What is a triangle with one angle obtuse?

Obtuse triangle

A triangle with one obtuse angle?

an Obtuse triangle

What is a triangle with one obtuse angle?

obtuse triangle

Triangle with obtuse angle?

It is an obtuse angled triangle.

What is a triangle with 1 obtuse angle?

Obtuse triangle

What is Triangle with one obtuse angle is?

An obtuse triangle

What is the triangle that one angle is obtuse?

An obtuse triangle.

What is a triangle with an obtuse angle called?

There are five different types of triangles named after their angles. Right triangle, Acute triangle, Isosceles Triangle ,equilateral triangle, and obtuse triangle. The Obtuse Triangle is the triangle with an obtuse angle.

What do you call a triangle containing one obtuse angle?

A triangle containing an obtuse angle is an obtuse triangle.

Does every triangle have at least one obtuse angle?

-- No right triangle, acute triangle, or equilateral triangle has an obtuse angle in it. -- If a triangle has an obtuse angle in it, then it's called an obtuse triangle. -- No triangle can have more than one obtuse angle in it .

What do the triangles look like and what are the names?

Equilateral triangle = All sides congruent Scalene triangle = No sides congruent Isosceles triangle = At LEAST two sides congruent Right triangle = Triangle with one right angle Obtuse triangle = Triangle with ONE obtuse angle Acute triangle = Triangle with ALL acute angles

How does an 145 degrees triangle look like?

It can be an obtuse triangle with 2 different acute angles or it can be an isosceles triangle with 2 equal base angles of 17.5 degrees

An obtuse triangle can have two obtuse angles?

No an abtuse triangle can not have two obtuse angles

Can a triangle be both acute and obtuse?

No, because if there is on obtuse angle the triangle will always be obtuse.