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Q: What does a parabola solution look like on a graph?
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What does a graph with a quadratic relationship look like?

Like a parabola. Not "like": it would be.

What does y equals x squared look like on a graph?

A U shaped parabola

What does a nonlinear graph look like?

any graph that is not represented by a line,ie: parabola, hyperbola, circle, ellipse,etc

What would the graph of y equals -3x2-12x-13 look like?

an upside down parabola

How do you know if a parabola has a minimum or maximum value?

When you look at the parabola if it opens downwards then the parabola has a maximum value (because it is the highest point on the graph) if it opens upward then the parabola has a minimum value (because it's the lowest possible point on the graph)

What does an X-intercept look like?

On a graph it is where a point on a line/parabola/hyperbola/... Crosses the x-axis. And it can also be in parenthesis when written out. For example: (3,0)

What happens to the shape of a parabola as the distance between the vertex of the curve and the focus becomes very large?

The parabola shape is magnified. If you keep the same scale for the graph, the parabola will look wider, more flattened out.

How does y equals 4x2 plus 21x look in a graph?

It is a parabola with its vertex at the origin and the arms going upwards.

What is a quadratic relationship?

A quadratic relationship is a mathematical relationship that can be expressed by a quadratic formula in which the highest exponent is two (i.e., x squared). On a graph, this relationship will look like a parabola.

What does the graph look like for this equation y x2 10x 25?

if y = x2 + 10x + 25 then y = (x + 5)2 This tells us that the graph would be a parabola, with it's vertex at (-5, 0), and a range of 0 to infinity.

What is a pie graph showing you the percentage of the main goods in New York look like?

the pie graph of new york is a very simple solution here is one.

How do you draw a curved line on a graph from the equation?

i dont think there is such thing as the equation of a curved line the closest is probably a (hyperbola, ellipse, or parabola) with a restriction making it look like a curved line but it would be very complicated