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2a + a = 3a

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Q: What does a plus 2a plus an equal?
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What is a plus a equal?

a + a = 2a

What does 3a plus 2a equal?

3a + 2a = 5a

What does 2a plus 5a plus 3a equal?

2a + 5a + 3a = 10a

Does a plus a equal 2a?

yes! emphatically yes!

If a plus b equals c what does a plus c equal?

A+c= 2a+b

A plus a plus a-2a equals?

a + a + a - 2a = 3a - 2a = a

What is 2A over A plus 6?

(2A/A)+6 is equal to eight. 2A/A leaves one with 2, since the As cancel out and 2 and 6 is eight.

What is the answer to 2a plus b plus 3c equals 2a plus b plus 3c?

That's not even a question. It's only a statement that says that some number is equal to itself.

If a is 3 what is 2a plus 5 equal to?

It is: (2*3)+5 = 11

What is 2a plus 8?

this is an expression. if you let it equal something you can find (a)2a + 8 = 4a = -2or you could do2a + 8 = 106a = 49It is 2a + 8.

What is 2a plus 2a?


A number plus twice the number is equal to three times the number?

A + 2a = 3a

What is -2a plus 3a plus 5b?

What is the solution of -2a plus 3a plus 5b

What is 2a plus 3a?

2a + 3a = 5a

2a plus 3b - 4a plus 5b?

8b -2a

What is x plus 2a?

x + 2a

6ab plus 9b divided by 2a plus 3?

(6ab + 9b)/(2a + 3) = 3b(2a + 3)/(2a + 3) = 3b

What is a plus a?

a +a =2a

What is 5a plus 3 plus 2a-2 plus a?

5a + 3 + (2a - 2) + a= 5a + 3 + 2a - 2 + a= 8a + 1

What is the answer to (2a plus 3)?

It is the expression 3 + 2a.

2a -3 plus 4b - 2a -b -3 plus 5?


2a plus 5a plus 9a equals?

2a+5a+9a = 16a

Factor 2a squared plus 3a plus 1?


What is the answer to 2a squared plus 7ab plus 3b squared?

(2a + b)(a + 3b)

Simplify 2a -3 plus 4b - 2a -b -3 plus 5?

2a-3+4b-2a-b-2a-b-3+5 Can be simplified to: 3b-1