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Q: What does a positive number look like?
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What does an absolute number look like?

Like an ordinary positive number.

What are adds number?

If you are thinking about numbers that look like this +5 then you are thinking of positive numbers. A positive number is any number above 0. Writing +5 is exactly like writing 5 as they are the same number. The opposite to a positive number is a negative number. A negative number is any number below 0. Negative five is written like this -5. I hope that helps

What is the absolute value of an integer?

The digits of the number without any positive or negative sign. It will look just like the positive version of the integer.

What is the quotient of positive and negative integers?

The quotient is what you get when you divide two numbers. If both numbers are positive, the quotient will be positive. If both numbers are negative, the quotient will be positive. If one number is positive and one number is negative, their quotient will be negative.

What is the product of a positive rational number and a negative rational number?

Negative. Only like x like = positive

If the bigger number is positive and the smaller number is a negative. Would the answer be a negative or a positive?


Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number like -8 7?


What does a positive EPT test look like?

it looks a +

A positive or a negative whole number 7?

lol good look

What do 100mill look like in number?

what do 100.mill look like in number

When you subtract a negative number from a positive number what do you get a positive number or a negative number?

It depends on the value of those numbers. ---------------------------- You always get a positive number. "Subtracting a negative number" is the same as "adding a positive number" because the two negatives "cancel." If I do something like 10 - (-12), this is the same as 10+12, or 22 (positive).

How do you get the absolute value of a positive number?

The absolute value of a positive number IS the positive number. If you have a question that says: "[7]", the answer would be "7". If you still don't understand, think of it like this. If the number inside the brackets is positive, simply remove the brackets and you have your answer.