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It does not mean anything in particular.

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Q: What does a right triangle birthmark on the left leg mean?
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What does an upside down triangle birthmark mean?

i dont know but i have a 3 dotted birthmark in the shape of a triangle. i wish i knew what it meant. I myself would also like to know what this means, I was also born with a triangle birthmark on the back of my head. i also have one on my right breast lol i was wondering what it meant cuz its a strange birthmark to have : an equal angular upside down triangle formed from three dots

What does a triangle birthmark mean?

I read it means you have Sirian blood line. Your a

What does it mean if you have a birth mark on your right foot?

birthmark on right foot is it good or bad

What does the number 7 mean when its a birthmark?

Number 7 birthmark

What does right triangle mean in math?

A triangle with a 90 degree angle.

What does a triangle with a square inside mean?

It means that it is a right angle triangle

What kind of triangle has the measure 45 45 and 90?

If you mean angles then it is a right angle triangle or an isosceles right angle triangle

What does it mean when you have an upside down heart shaped birthmark?

Birthmarks have been studied and interpreted for centuries. A heart shaped birthmark tends to mean you will be lucky at love. how the shape is situated (upside down, right-side up, tilted, on its side) is less important than where the mark is.

What side is the hypotenuse in a right triangle?

I am guessing you mean a right angled triangle. The hypotenuse is the longest side on a right angled triangle. So it is the side facing / parallel to the right angle.

Can a triangle have right sides?

If you mean can a triangle have 3 equal sides and the answer is yes it can and it is called an equilateral triangle.

What does hypotinuse mean?

the longest side of a right triangle

What type of triangle so stopredicular lines?

If you mean what type of triangle has perpendicular lines then it is right angle triangle.

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