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Technical drawing looks like construction

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Q: What does a technical drawing look like?
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What is the meaning of 8 branches of technical drawing?

Architectural drawing Machine drawing Industrial drawing sheet metal drawing Aeronautical drafting marine drawing computer drawing

What is a diagram?

A diagram is any form of detailed technical drawing.

Which type of technical drawing are used for mechanical (working) drawings?

Kinds of technical drawing and its function?

Was technical drawing used to create the pyramids in Egypt?

there was some form of technical drawing as the best scribes were told to make plans, however back then 'technical' drawing was not very precise.

What is record of work?

the technical drawing help people look back on work that was done a long time ago

What is record work?

the technical drawing help people look back on work that was done a long time ago

What is the difference between artistic drawing and technical drawing?

Artistic and technical drawing have different goals. Artistic drawing may replicate nature or convey an emotion, but it is meant to be looked at. Technical drawing replicates real things, and it is meant to communicate practical information about the subject.

What are the instrumental figures in technical or engineering drawing?

what is instrumental figures in drawing

What are the Classification of drawing?

it is freehand,mechanical and technical drawing

Whats the difference between technical drawing and tehnical drawing applications?

The difference between technical drawing application & technical drawing is that in TDA, the concept of constructing figures is how you apply your TDA skills to different types of concepts.On the other hand TD is something which is very straigth forward.Its like you have to use the same method of construction in different figures.Therefore TD is something which is easier than TDA.

What is the purpose of detail component drawing?

the purpose of technical drawing is to let the viewers know what your drawing is all about!

What is a German technical drawing company?