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They make a pair of acute angles and a pair of obtuse angles. In rotational order, the angles are acute, obtuse, acute, obtuse.

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Q: What does a two non-perpendicular bisecting line segments look like?
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What divides angels and line segments in half?

A bisecting line.

What is a bisecting line?

To bisect is to cut or divide into halves. A bisecting line would then be a line that divides another line in half or a line that divides an angle in half.

What are besicting line?

a bisecting line is a line that divides something into halves.

Can parallel lines be line segments?

They can not be line segments on the same line, but they can both be line segments.

A line that divides a line segment into 2 congruent parts?


What is the technical name for the dividing line in linear symmetry?

Bisecting the line.

What does two segments that do not intersect look like?

Line segments that do not intersect are parallel lines

What is a line segment bisecting a circle or sphere?

a secant

Definition for congruent line segments for geometry?

congruent line segments- line segments that have the same lengths.

How many line segments are in a line?

there are infinitely many segments in a line.

How many line segments in a pentagon?

5 line segments

How many line segments do a pentagon have?

5 line segments

What are 2 line segments that cross?

Intersecting line segments

How many line segments are in a star?

There are 9 line segments.

How many line segments are in a cube?

Twelve line segments are in a cube

What are perpendicular line segments?

Perpendicular line segments are line segments that cross with each other and form angles of 90 degrees.

What is the name of straight line bisecting a circle?

A diameter bisects a circle.

What are intersecting line segments?

an intersecting line segment is when two line segments cross together

Does a polygon have sides that are line segments true or false?

False. They can only be straight line segments: there cannot be any curved line segments.

What are perpendicular ling segments?

Perpendicular line segments are line segments that intersect and make 90 degree angles.

Definition of congruent line segments?

Line segments are congruent if they have the same length

How many line segments are in a triangle?

Line segments are lines so the answer is 3.

Is Z perpendicular line segments?

no an addition sign is a perpendicular line segments

Do Line segments go on forever?

No. Line segments end at the endpoints.

How many line segments are in a circle?

A circle does not have line segments. It is a continuous curve.