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The bisector of an angle is the ray that divides the angle into two smaller angles of equal measure.

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Q: What does an angle bisector do to an angle?
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If a point is equidistant from the two sides of an angle then it is?

on the perpendicular bisector

Does rhombus have angle bisector?

Any shape which has an angle can have an angle bisector.

What is the difference between and angle bisector and a perpendicular bisector?

An angle bisector bisects an angle. A perpendicular bisector bisects a side.

What describes an angle bisector?

An angle bisector is a line that divides an angle in half.

What is bisector angle?

the bisector of angle is the half of the measurment of the angle given. FOR EXAMPLE:- 45 degrees is a bisector angle of 90 degrees e.t.c.

What divides an angle into two congruent angles?

angle bisectorangles bisector is the line that divides an angle into two congruent angles.

What is the converse of the angle bisector theorem?

If a point is on the bisector of an angle, then it is equidistant from the two sides of the angle-apex

What is an angle bisector theorem?

a point on the bisector of an angle, it is equidistant from the 2 sides of the angle

Can the angle bisector of a triangle also be the perpendicular bisector?

Yes. The bisector of one angle of a triangle is the perpendicular bisector of theopposite side if the bisected angle is the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle,or any angle of an equilateral triangle.

What is a non example of a angle bisector?

A banana is a non-example of an angle bisector!

What is an angle bisector of 90 degree?

An angle bisector divides an angle into 2, in this case of 45° each

Can a median be an angle bisector and not a perpendicular bisector?


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