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Orange is the sign color reserved for construction signs, like "Work Ahead", "Slow", and "Bump". among many others.

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Q: What does an orange traffic sign mean?
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What does a round traffic sign mean?


What does yellow traffic sign mean?


What does the question mark traffic sign mean?

Tourist information

What does do not enter sign mean?

A oneway roadway with traffic coming agaisnt you

What type of sign is an animal crossing sign?

Warning sign. pretty much all traffic signs with a yellow background are warning or an orange back ground. but there are a couple warning signs that have a white background

What does the yellow ride with traffic sign mean?

The sign that says Ride With Traffic means to keep the pace. You are not supposed to slow down traffic or speed up faster than the fastest driver during this time.

What happen if you can not sign in

If you can not sign in to then that means there might be "heavy traffic". When I mean about heavy traffic is that there are lots of things going on the computers. It might take few day or more, but eventually you will sign in to

What does air traffic control mean when using the call sign company?

it signals the airplane

What is the Yield traffic sign supposed to mean?

The Yield traffic sign is intended to represent to a driver who has the clear path to continue through an intersection first. It's intended to mean that a driver must yield to oncoming traffic from his or her right side. Yielding means allowing that incoming driver to go first. This is the concept known as right of way and the yield sign is supposed to mean that everyone can drive more safely within an orderly traffic system.

What does a yellow traffic sign mean with 2 black arrows pointing down?

It means traffic can pass on either side of an obstruction such as an island.

What does an orange triangle sign with a red border mean?

It means it is a slow moving vehicle

What does a red triangle with orange center mean on back of vehicle mean?

The sign means that the vehicle is slow-moving.