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An ounce of gold looks like a raise or flatten piece of a gold, it is also sometimes referred to as a gold nugget.

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Q: What does an ounce of gold look like?
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What does one ounce of gold look like?

An ounce of gold often looks like a tiny little brick. At times, an ounce of gold will look like several little pieces of gold, not yet melted together.

What does an American Revolution Bicentennial gold 1.3 ounce coin look like?

On your browser type in American Revolution Bicentennial gold 1.3 ounce and click on image. You will find all the pictures you need.

How much gold is an ounce?

Do you mean how much is gold per ounce because Gold is currently $1015.15 per ounce

Is there an ounce gold in air bag deploy device?

An ounce of gold? No. Your airbag probably has gold or gold plated terminals in the deployment mechanism, but there is not an ounce of gold in it. Right now (09/01/08) gold is $822.45 an ounce.

What does one ounce look like?

One ounce looks like a mesuring cup at 1/4

How much pure gold is in 1 ounce of gold dust approximately?

One ounce of pure gold is in 1 ounce of pure gold dust.

How many pnnywt in an ounce of gold?

"Ounce", when referring to gold, means a Troy ounce. There are twenty pennyweight in a Troy ounce.

What is one tenth ounce fine gold worth?

The current price for an ounce of gold is: $1,591.00 A tenth of an ounce of gold is: $159.10


Gold is $1119 per ounce

How much does a ounce of gold cost?

A ounce of gold costs 500dollars

What do gold stones look like?

Gold stones look like regular stones with spotspots of gold

How much money is 24k gold worth?

Just look up the price of gold! And that would be for 1 troy ounce of the stuff.