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it measures wind speed!!


it measures wind speed!!


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Q: What does anomometer measures?
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What does an anomometer measures?

An anemometer measures wind speed.

Why is an anomometer important for weather forcasting?

An anomometeris important because if a metoroligist didn't have anomometers they wouldn't have known how hard the wind is blowing and in what direction. So a anomometer measures the wind speed and what direction it's going in.

Does an anomometer measure temperature?

No, it does not.

A weather term that starts with an a?


The 6 weather instroments and tell what they are used for?

Stevenson Screen measures temperature (in shaded white box) rain gauge measures rainfall/precipitation barometer measures atmospheric pressure anomometer measures wind speed wind vane measures wind direction Campbell Stokes Recorder measures sunshine hours in each day Hygrometer measures humidity and temperature (moisture in air)

What is an anomometer?

a tool used to measure the speed of wind

What are the instruments that are used to collect weather data?


What device is used for measuring wind speed?


What is the difference between a wind vane and anomometer?

A wind vane is an instrument for measuring wind direction and for an approximate measure of wind speed. An anemometer measures wind speed the direction is often not measured.

How does an anomometer work?

An anamometer is usually a set of 3 cups that are rotated by the wind and measure the wind speed by equating it with speed of rotation.

What is the use of the anomometer?

The wind controls the speed of rotation of the arms of an anemometer and this can be electrically converted to a measuring pointer to indicate wind speed.

What is atmometer?

It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.It measures water evaporation.

What is the difference between a cubic decimetre and a liter?

They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.

What are SI units and their importances in the world?

There is the meter, that measures distance.There is the kilogram, which measures mass.There is the candela, which measures luminous intensity.There is the second, which measures time.There is the mole, which measures amount of substance.There is the Kelvin, which measures temperature.And there is the ampere, which measures electrical current.

What does a hyqrometer measures?

It measures humidity.

What does balance measures?

it measures weight

What does balances measures?

it measures weight

What instrument measures wind directions?

A 'vane' measures wind direction.A 'vane' measures wind direction.

What measures density index?

What measures density

What does a protractor measures?

It measures angles in degrees

What measures humidy?

A hygrometer measures humidity.

What measures air pressure temperature humidity and wind?

a barometer measures air pressure. an anemometer measures wind speed. a thermometer measures temperature.

When is it the most appropriate time to use b Measures of Central Tendency?

The answer depends on what the "b" measures are and how they differ from the "a" measures and also "c" and other subsequent measures.

What instrument measures air pressure and temperature?

A barometer measures pressure while a thermometer measures temperature.

What are to equivalent measures to 10?

Megan, what do you mean by "equivalent measures to 10"? Can you reword your question?