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The area is the inside of a shape. So the perimeter is the outside of a shape and the area is the inside.

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3 in

10 in

6 in

11 in

9 in

21 in

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What does how far mean in math?

When a math question asks, how far, it is relating to distance.

What is a job relating to math?

Uh, math teacher.

What does a s mean in math?

surface area

What does surface area mean when using math?


What does the term surface area mean in math?

The surface area is the sum of all the shapes' area

Example of expression relating to math?


What does hypoechoeic area mean?

Hypoechoic area is a medical term relating to ultrasound scanning. On ultrasound, a solid mass appears as a grey or hypoechoic area.

What does area mean in math?

No you dont you multiply using area for example: A=LxW 4mx8m A=32m

What does temporal mean in medical terms?

Of relating to or pertaining to the temple or the area of the skull around the temple, or relating to timing (e.g. symptoms were temporally associated with car rides).

What does term decimal mean in math?

Relating to or denoting a system of numbers and arithmetic based on the number ten, tenth parts, and powers of ten.

What does an area mean in math terms?

The cubic space inside a shape

In a formula what does SA mean in math?

SA means Surface Area

Is there any words relating math and algebra start with lette i?


What does pi r squared mean in math?

That's the formula for the area of a circle.

What are some catchy math slogans for 6th graders relating to math signs?

pi... yum (use sign for pi)

What does the math formula area times length times width mean?

that is how you come across with the whole size of the area.

What does area mean math wise?

no idea lul XxN30N RAV3 LOLZ luvyh00xX

Does area in math mean you add all sides?

No; that's perimeter, or the distance around.

What does area mean for math?

Area is the extent of 2-dimensional space covered or occupied by a shape.

What is the formula relating to pressure force and area?

Pressure = Force / Area

What is a formula relating pressure force and area?

Pressure = (Force/Area)

Area relating to a city?

A neighborhood is an area relating to a city. A town or city is made up of areas that can include districts, locales, communities, or quarters.

Can you give me some nouns realting to math?

Some nouns relating to math:additionsubtractionmultiplicationdivisionfractionsumremainderresultmath bookcalculator

What does EAF mean when relating to Persia in 1915?

Unknown. The 1915 forces in the area were Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force and Indian Expeditionary Force.

What does population mean in math terms?

The number of people living in an area or country or state or city.

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