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it means to add

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Q: What does as many mean in math?
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Does how many in math mean to multiply?


What do you do for the mean in math?

In math the mean is the average. If you want the mean of a group of numbers you add them all together. Then you divide by the how many numbers there are.

What does poly mean in math?

It means 'many'

What does many more mean in math?


In a math problem what does how many mean?


In math what does how many mean?

The amount or quantity.

What Does How Many mean in Math?

equal or the awnser ESE

What does many more mean in a math problem?


What does math answers mean?

ok , so math answers mean ... that u get the answers in math for example : im lookin up "how many sides doea a hexagon have?" so u get the answers aIN YOUR SUBJECT WHICH IS ..... MATH!!

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What does multi mean in math?

Multi means many, or several.

What does comparison mean in math?

in math

What does the V + _ symbol mean in math?

It a letter in math. Am a right? Am not that smart tho

What does reasonableness mean in math?

I wanted to know what is reasonableness in math mean

What does math fever mean?

When you love math

What does figure math mean?

figure math means figure math

In math term what does reorder mean?

what does the term reorder mean in math

What does HL mean in math terms?

HL in math mean hypotenuse leg

What does it mean if A girl asked you for help in math what does it mean?

she needs help in math.

Ehat does how many mean in math?

How many usually starts a question where you are expected to provide a total.

What does frequent mean in math?

occurring or done on many occasions, in many cases, or in quick succession

What does communative mean in math?

Communitive means of, or belonging to, a community. It has no meaning in math. Communative does not mean anything - in math or elsewhere.

How many arms do 15 octopi have?

If you mean this to be a math question it would be 120.

What math can you figure out which Latin words mean many?

multiply, multiplication, multiple

What does line mean in math form?

the mean (in math) is the average of all the numbers in the problem