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The aspect ratio of a tire means The ratio of height to width.

Reference, Automotive Steering, Suspension, and Alignment, Book Fifth edition Chapter 3. Page 60.

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Q: What does aspect ratio of a tire mean?
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What does the 65 mean on a tire?

That is the aspect ratio , or ratio of width to height of the tire

What does aspect ratio of tires mean?

The aspect ratio is the tires profile. For instance, a tire with a 60 aspect ratio means that the tires hight from tread to rim is 60% of the tires nominal width. The lower the aspect ratio # the wider the tire.

What does 70 R mean in a tire size?

It means it is a radial tire with 70 aspect ratio.

The ratio of height of a tire to its width?

Is called the aspect ratio.

Does aspect ratio on tire matter?

Yes, for traction.

What is an aspect ratio of a motorcycle tire?

They come in many aspect ratios from 45 to 80

What is aspect ratio on motorcycle tire?

They go from 45 to 75

Is a 60 wide tire wider than a 65 tire?

Yes, the smaller the aspect ratio the wider the tire.

Is a 65 tire higher than a 70?

No a 70 aspect ratio tire would be taller than a 65.

How much taller is a 215 tire vs a 205?

Depends on the aspect ratio of the tire. For instance a 215/70-16 and a 205/75-16 are almost the exact same diameter with the 205 tire being 1/4" larger in diameter because it has a larger aspect ratio. For all practical purposes they are the same height. I would have to know the aspect ratio of both tires to answer the question.

What is the average size of a semi truck tire?

Usually, it'll be XXX/75R22.5 or XXX/80R22.5, with "XXX" being 275, 285, or 295. On a 22.5 inch wheel with a 75 aspect ratio, it'll have a diameter of 39.33 inches. With an 80 aspect ratio, it'll have a diameter of 40.45 inches. A 24.5 inch wheel and tire will have a diameter of 41.33 inches with a 75 aspect ratio and a diameter of 42.45 with an 80 aspect ratio.

Aspect ratio in relation to tires?

Aspect ratio is the height of the sidewall compared to th width of the tread, in a 70 series tire, the sidewall height would be 70% of the tread width.