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Bankers count money and calculate how much to give you.

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Q: What does bankers have to do with math?
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How does bankers us math?

They have a machine that counts the money of what ever number the bankers type in

What kinds of math do bankers use?

they dont use much math they only count there money

What type of math do bankers use?

subtract divide multiply addition

What kind of math do investment bankers use?

they use addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication

How is math used in a banker?

a bankers job is purely numbers, they have to add to the acount decline from the account and ect.

What type of math is used in a bankers job?

Arithmetic , algebra, some differential equations might occur in analysis.

How does a banker use math?

Bankers do all sorts of math, from simple addition and subtraction to complicated problems including compound interest, for example. Math is essential to any banking job. Today though, most of the math is done on computers, not by hand or by humans at all.

Who is the target market for fixed deposit?

platimum bankers platimum bankers platimum bankers

What is the plural possessive form for bankers?

Bankers is the plural form. The plural possessive form is bankers'.

Are bankers a salesperson?

no bankers are not sales people but they are the advisors

How much money do bankers get?

Bankers get About 100 pounds a month.

When was Bankers Hall created?

Bankers Hall was created in 1989.

How are investment bankers different from regular bankers?

Investment bankers are different from regular bankers because they work with stocks and investing money whereas a regular banker just works on your personal accounts.

How is math used in career of banker?

well... bankers use math all the time. they use it to find the interest. example: the person borrows 1000 dollars from the bank and say the interest is 2% monthly, so the banker can use math in that case. Also, when the banker invests on things, they use math to predict what their profit is, it can be negative ( a loss of money) or they can gain.

Why were bankers in Florence so powerful?

Why were bankers so powerful in Florence

What career uses math in daily bases?

carpinters contractors accountants bankers bakers chefs chemists biologists attorneys ...just learn it, it never goes away...

What are the reasons for the economic crisis?

foreclosue, greedy bankers. mostly greedy bankers.

Summary of bankers are just like anybody else by ogden Nash?


When was Canadian Bankers Association created?

Canadian Bankers Association was created in 1891.

When was Institute of Bankers Pakistan created?

Institute of Bankers Pakistan was created in 1951.

Did Bankers Trust and Alex Brown merge?

Bankers Trust and Alex Brown merged

When was Norwegian Bankers' Association created?

Norwegian Bankers' Association was created in 1915.

When did Norwegian Bankers' Association end?

Norwegian Bankers' Association ended in 2000.

When was British Bankers' Association created?

British Bankers' Association was created in 1919.

When was Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria created?

Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria was created in 1976.