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It stands for Bon Chic, Bon Genre which means Good style and Good class.

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Q: What does bcbg mean?
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What does the clothing label BCBG mean?

BCBG stands for Bon Chic, Bon Genre (Good style & Good class)

What does BCBG stands for?

BCBG means Bon Chic Bon Genre, a French phrase for Good Style, Good Attitude.

Who made BCBG?

Max Azria.

What does bcbg stand for?

brad can bang girls

What is bcbg max azria, and where can I read about what it stands for?

BCBG Max Azria is considered a "high-end" store and is very popular, especially in New York and Los Angeles. BCBG stands for Bon Chic, Bon Genre which is French for Good style & Good class.

Where can one purchase bcbg boots?

BCBG boots can be purchased online at Amazon and on Ebay. They tend to go for high prices but it worth looking for and sales or good offers to get a particular bargain.

Where can you find clothes like Taylor Swift's?

in forever 21 and BCBG!

Is juicy or BCBG a better brand?

Juicy Couture is a better brand!

Where can you find size 00 dress pants?

BCBG - Max Azaria Theory

What designer clothes were used in the Clique?

Mostly BCBG and stuff like Ralph.

What is the full form of brand name BCBG?

brad cant bang girls

Who made Carly Rae jepsen's dress on Ellen?

BCBG Max azria

What are some name brand stores in the US?

American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, BCBG

Bon chic bon genre?

BCBG means well to do, well-educated, fashionable

Which album is older between pentagon and feux d'amour of wenge musica bcbg?

I believe Pentagon

What do the letters bcbg stand for?

Good Style. Good Class [In English]it is a type of shoe and it has style

The BCBG Brand and Collections?

BCBG is a women’s fashion line, created by the French fashion designer Max Azria in 1989. The name, BCGC, is derived from the French phrase “bon chic bon genre”, which means “good style, good attitude” in English. Since 1989, BCBG has been recognized for it’s cutting edge style, amazing collections, and high quality clothing.The Different Collections of BCBGThere are currently eight different BCBG brands, with two carrying the BCBG name, BCGCMAXAZRIA and BCBGeneration. BCBGMAXAZRIA is a sophisticated brand that offers women ready-to-wear fashion, that appears as if it could have came straight off the runway. This brand was Max Azria’s second creation in the United States, but the first that bared his name. BCBGMAXAZRIA is the brand from which many of Azria’s other brands were created, including BCBGirls, To the Max, BCBGeneration, Max Azria, MAX Rave, Herve Leger, MaxandCleo, manoukian, and Miley Cyrus for Max Azria.BCBGeneration was created in 2008 by combining BGBGirls and To the Max. This brand exudes a classic youthfulness, while still being sophisticated enough to be worn by women of all ages. BCBGeneration is a very urban brand that is not afraid to take risks, while still highlighting the feminine form in a flattering and sexy way.Styles of BCBGBCBG offers women dresses, evening gowns, tops, jackets, sweaters, bottoms, jeans, swimwear, handbags, shoes, and accessories. The average BCBG boutique aims to be a one-stop shop for all of a woman’s fashion needs.However, BCBG fashion can be a bit expensive for the average consumer. The average cost of a cocktail dress will run shoppers anywhere from $150 to $400. The average cost of a top from BCBG will cost a shopper anywhere from $50 to $200. These high prices can put this brand out of many consumer’s price range.Fortunately, consumers who love the look of this designer brand, but find the clothing too pricey can take advantage of the BCBG outlet stores, or the Final Cut outlet. Items from these stores are commonly 50% off or more, making them much more affordable to the masses. However, no matter where shoppers prefer to shop for their favorite BCBG fashions, they are sure to enjoy high quality items, that perfectly showcase their sense of style.

What sunglasses with a fading lens does Micheal wear for the first time in Burn Notice's new episode Shot in the Dark?

BCBG MaxAzria Melrose Discontinued :(

What is the difference between bcbg max azria and bcbgeneration?

BCBG Max Azria is more expensive and consists of higher-end and more formal wear, whereas BCBGeneration consists of more casual wear made for the daytime and everyday use; this line is less expensive.

What are massie block's favorite designer labels?

BCBG, Ralph Lauren, Juicy,Coach, Prada, Fendi...

How much do BCBG Max Azria employees get paid?

$10.50-$14.50 per hour hope that helps!

Where can you get clothes like Bella Thorne?

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Michael Kors, BCBG

Who is Miley Cyrus's favorite designer?

(Besides her new line with Max Azria) Marc by Marx Jacobs, BCBG

Who is the designer of the brown silk satin halter dress in the Pantene commercial with Maria Menounos?

bcbg max azria

What does the brand bcbg stand for?

French: "Bon Chic, Bon Gens"English: "Good Style, Good Class"