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Q: What does becomie his second home mean?
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What is second home mortgage?

A second home mortgage is a loan that you take to purchase your second home.

What does the term home college mean for online students?

Home college is the second name of Online education/ E-Learning / Distance learning.

Where was Princess Diana's second home?

princess Diana did not have a second home!

What does mortgage home improvement mean?

It means that you take out a second mortgage to help make home improvements on your house. This often raises the value of your house if you are selling it.

When was Second Home created?

Second Home was created on 2009-03-04.

When was My Second Home created?

My Second Home was created on 1993-09-06.

What to look for when buying a second home?

What is your reason for buying a second home? If your reason has something to do with something your old home didn't do or have, make sure your second home has it or doesn't have something that your old home had that you did not like.

Why is school not your second home?

School is not your "second home" because school is an institution, not a home. Also, a home is composed of a family, and schools are not.

What does it mean by second per second?

i don't get what you mean

How many feet is it from home to second baseball?

If you mean by correctly going around the bases, then 180 feet. Home to first is 90 feet, and first to second is another 90 feet. If you aren't going around the bases and you are just going straight to second, it is about 127 feet (on a major league field).

How far is it on an MLB field from home plate to second base?

120 feet from home to second

What does getting to second mean?

1st - making out 2nd - fingering and hand jobs 3rd - head home - well you know :P