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By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that

1 cm=0.01 m =10 mm

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Q: What does centimeter mean in measurement?
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What measurement does not belong micrometer centimeter cubic centimeter?

amongst all the above units micrometer centimeter cubic centimeter. micrometer and centimeter belongs to length measurement .But cubic centimeter is used for volume measurement.

If a metric measurement has units of centimeter's it is a measurement of what?


What is the shorthand for centimeter measurement?


Is a centimeter a metric measurement?


What is 3kg in centimeter or inches?

no relation between a mass measurement and a length measurement

Is it more accurate to measure an object to the nearest tenth 0.1 of a centimeter or to the nearest centimeter Which measurement is more accuret?

The smaller the measurement, the more accurate.

Gram is the measurement of what?

A gram is a measurement of mass. It is the mass of one cubic centimeter of water.

How many cc in 1 milliter?

1 cc. they are the same. and 1cc or ml of water weighs 1 gram. it's slick how the metric system works.

Does a cubic centimeter have the same measurement as a mililiter?


How may cubics are in a centimeter?

There is no such unit of measurement as a cubic.

Which is greater in measurement between decimeter and centimeter?


What does centimeter mean?

It's a phrase used for stuff that's less than a centimeter long