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It varies throughout your cycle. Normally, about 7 - 9 days after the first day of your period, it will be whitish and rather sticky. As you move closer to ovulation, it beomes more lotionlike, then watery and then resembles an egg white. When it is the egg white is when you are most fertile. Once that passes, it retuns to sticky shortly there after. You will sometimes see this in your underwear. If not there, you can place two CLEAN fingers inside of your vagina and test it that way too. There are several helpful sites to explain this even more. A very good one is webwom. Good luck!

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Q: What does cervical fluid look like?
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Can antibiotics decrease cervical fluid during pregnancy?

No, it cannot decrease cervical fluid

What does cervical mucus look like after conception?

no idea..........................

How does cervical mucus look like after egg is fertile?

Like sperm

What color is cervical fluid?


What does your cervical mucus look like after implantation?

Creamy with. A mixer of blood

What is the name of the vaginal fluid?

Discharge that is not menstrual fluid is actually Cervical mucus.

What are cervical papillae in parasitology?

They are small outprojections of the cuticle of the nematode in the cervical ('neck') region. They look like small spines, nematodes with cervical papillae include Ostertagia species and Haemonchus contortus.

What does your cervical mucus look like at your first stages of pregnancy?

thick white cream

What does cervical mucus look like in pregnant women?

I've heard it varies from woman to woman.

How do you know that a woman ovulate?

Cervical mucus has to be clear strechy look like egg white

What does a vacuole look like like?

A fluid filled bubble.

How can male cervical fluid be condensed?

Men don't have a cervix. So we don't have cervical fluid. You might need to check on the terms you're using with a medical dictionary before progressing any further. Actually I believe he is referring to the cervical area of the spine (the neck).

What is white fluid uterus?

The white fluid in the uterus is called the cervical fluid. It changes throughout the menstrual cycle and is a primary fertility sign.

Snot like Cervical fluid that is yellow and your period is 3 days late can you be pregnant?

Yellow cervical mucous is caused by high progesterone in the luteal phase. That, combined with a late menstrual period, could mean pregnanccy.

What does fluid in the lungs look like?

It looks like Chicken Broth!!

How do you know your fertility date?

Tracking your cervical fluid (which is excreted through the vagina) and basal body temperatures. It is different for every woman, but the day when you get cervical fluid the consistency of egg white, followed by an increase in basal temperature, that is the day of ovulation. If you get a sharp pain on your right or left side 14 days before your period that is also a very good clue that you are ovulating. You should consider yourself fertile for every day that you have cervical fluid that is creamy or like egg white.

What does women sexual fluid look like?

It is usually clear, like water.

What are some common risks of cervical disc surgery?

Some risks associated with cervical disc surgery include nerve injury, broken or loosened artificial disks, infection, reactions to anesthesia and spinal fluid fluid leaks.

What does brick look like as a liquid?

A thick viscous fluid

What is cervical fluid?

Overall vaginal sensation (wet or dry) its lubrication produced when aroused.(:

What does the transmission fluid light look like on a Chrysler 300 m?

It is red, and looks like most other types of trans fluid

What does 16.91 fluid ounces look like?

It looks approximately like a pint of water.

What does the centriole look like?

It's a circle with fluid in it that takes protein in and out.

What does the the centrioles look like?

It's a circle with fluid in it that takes protein in and out.

Which vitamin can actually dry up your cervical fluid making conception next to impossible?

vitamin a