What does circumference measure?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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The circumference of a circle measures the distance around the circle.

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Q: What does circumference measure?
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What is the measure of an arc?

The measure of an arc is part of the circumference of a circle

How can you measure balloons circumference?


How many centimeter is in 37 circumference?

There is no such specific unit of measure as a circumference - a circumference is merely the distance around something.

Which measure device is used to take the circumference of the body?

A tape measure.

How do you measure the circumference of the circle?

The equation for the circumference of a circle is pi times radius squared.

What volume of circumference?

Circumference is a linear measure and has no volume - just as a straight line has no volume.

Why do we measure circumference?

The circumference is the distance around a circle and it is measured by:- Circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

How do you find the circumference of a head?

With a tape measure.

What is the circumference of a 38c?

The answer depends on what the 38 is a measure of!

The radius of a circle measure 7 feet what is the circumference of the circle?

Circumference=πd thefore it is 44

How can you put the word circumference in a sentence?

His prime objective was to measure a degree on the equator to calculate the circumference of the earth.Studies have shown there has been a large increase in waist circumference in young people.The earth's circumference was accurately measured around 240 BCE by Eeratosthenes.It isn't easy to measure the circumference of large items.

What is the circumference and area for three inches?

Three inches is a measure of distance. It has neither circumference, nor area.