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Q: What does coefficient mean in marine terms?
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What does coefficient mean in math terms?

a coefficient is the number before the variable.example- 4y the 4 before the y is the coefficient.

What does COF in mechanic terms?

Most likely it would mean "coefficient of friction."

What does ceofficent mean in math terms?

the number with the variable. For example, in 6x, the coefficient is 6.

The volume of this rectangular prism is 5x3. What does the coefficient 5 mean in terms of the problem?

I hope this helps

What is the area of this rectangle is 5x2. What does the coefficient 5 mean in terms of the problem?

The length is 5 times the width

What is a binomial coefficient?

A binomial coefficient is a coefficient of any of the terms in the expansion of the binomial (x+y)^n.

What does Coefficient mean?

6x2 - 4x (6/2)x2 - (4/2)x = 3x2 - 2x ========

What you literal coefficient?

What is a literal coefficient? Expressions are made up of terms joined by adding and subtracting. Terms are made up of numbers and variables multiplied together. In the term 3xy5, 3 is the (numerical) coefficient, and xy5 is the literal coefficient.

What does GI mean in GI marine?

In terms of military, GI stands for Government Issue.

What is a table coefficient in math terms?

well the coefficient in math is the number before the varibal.

What is a constant coefficient?

In a ploynomial or differential equation or really any formula or equation with variables in it, the coefficients are the terms "in front of" the variable or multiplied the variables. Each variable generally has its own coefficient. If a coefficient is constant (ie just a number) then it is a constant coefficient. eg Consider the polynomial , 3x2+9yx+6 in terms of x. It has one constant coefficient (3), one variable coefficient (9y) and one constant (6).

What are terms coefficients and constants?

The numerical multiplier of any term in an algebraic expression is a coefficient. The constant term is a coefficient which does not have a variable associated with it.