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All numbers have factors. Some numbers have some of the same factors as other numbers. These are known as common factors because they are factors that the numbers have in common. 3 is a factor of 12. 3 is a factor of 15. 3 is a common factor of 12 and 15.

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Q: What does common number mean?
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What are Multiples of the youngest prime number?

That depends what you mean with a "young prime number". I believe that is not a common mathematical term.That depends what you mean with a "young prime number". I believe that is not a common mathematical term.That depends what you mean with a "young prime number". I believe that is not a common mathematical term.That depends what you mean with a "young prime number". I believe that is not a common mathematical term.

Does greatest number mean greatest common factor?


What is the least common number of 12?

You need at least two things to find something in common between them.

What does the medical abbreviation GC mean?

It can mean a number of things. But the most common is Gonococcus.

What does a greatest common factor mean?

The greatest common factor is the highest number that can be divided equally into two or more numbers.

how do you compare a million to other common objects?

What do you mean with other common objects? A million is not a "common object"; it's a number.

What is the mean median and mode of a number?

The mean is the average. The median is the middle. The mode is the most common.

What do beads on a rosary baseball have in common?

do you mean,"what do the number of beads on a rosary have in common with a baseball?" if so, the answer is "nothing". thank you.

What does the greatest common multiple mean?

The definition of the greatest common multiple of any two numbers is an infinite number.

What is the greastest number for 6 and 27?

I think you mean the greatest common factor, the greatest common factor is 3.

What does 14k mean?

There are a number of meanings, common is Fourteen thousand when related to salary.

What does tricadecaphobia mean?

It is a common misspelling of the word triskaidekaphobia- the fear of the number thirteen.

When someone calls you a rope what does it mean?

There are a number of things a person may mean when they call you a rope. They may mean that you are strong or that you are common.

What does it mean for a number to be the least common multiple of two numbers?

It is the lowest number that is a multiple of both of the two numbers.

What is all the common factors of 2014?

Do you mean all the factors? I'm not sure what "common factors" is?

What does the modal mean in math?

it means the most common number,color,object etc.

What Is the mean number of 67 73 79 85 91?

The numbers are in an arithmetic sequence (common difference = 6). Since there are 5 of them, their mean is the middle number: 79.

What number is the most common multiple of twelve and sixteen?

There is no "most common" multiple of two or more numbers, but there is a greatest common multiple if that's what you mean. But for multiples, the list of common ones goes on and on and on, since every single number in the universe is a multiple.

What does common mean in math?

the answer is the biggest number of all the group thats the right answer im a teacher

What does ka from dark tower mean?

It can mean a number of things, but the most common definition given by the characters is that Ka is destiny/fate.

What is the common ratio of 27121722?

There cannot be a common ratio for only one number.

What does mode mean in kid form?

Mode is the most common number in a set of data my maths teacher describes the mean as this: "when the average person says average they mean mean."

What is the greatest common factor of 108216?

If you mean 10, 82, and 16, the greatest common factor is 2. Otherwise, one number by itself cannot have a greatest common factor.

What does least common multiply mean?

The least common multiple is the smallest number that all the members of a given set of numbers can divide into evenly with no remainder.

Mean median and mode numbers?

Mean is the average: Add all the numbers in a set and divide by the number of numbers. Median is if you wrote the numbers from largest to smallest, it would be the middle number. Mode is the Most common number.