What does concave mean?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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bent or curved inwards

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Q: What does concave mean?
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What does zero afterlife concave mean?

it is the deeper concave offered by zero skateboards

What does 'concave up' mean in physics terms?

There are some meaning on the term " concave up". However, in most cases, a concave is a hallow curve. A half circle with an opening is also a concave. Concave up means to concave somethings.

What does it mean when something is concave?

If an object is concave, it means that is contains a surface that curves inward. Eyeglass lenses and bowls, for example, can both be said to be concave.

Does meniscus always concave?

Do you mean is a meniscus always concave? If so, then no. For example, the meniscus of mercury is convex.

What does bi-concave mean?

Concave means that there is a dip in the object, like it has caved in. Bi-concave means that it is dipped in on two sides of the object. A good example is a red blood cell. It is a bi-concave disk - it has dips on two sides of it.

What names mean blessed or blessing?

what concave means in blessed

Is a jeweller's mirror concave or convex?


What is the opposite of Convex?

concave concave

What does concave mirror mean in science?

A mirror with a surface that curves inward

What do you mean by convex mirror and concave mirror?

concave and convex refer to the curve of the mirror. if it is concave, it curves in at the middle, like a 'cave'. if it is convex, it curves out at the middle, like an eye. think of a spoon - one side is convex, the other is concave. this curve will affect the image the mirror shows.

What does convex mean in geography?

convex means in geography as something which is curved outward for example a hill is convex because it is curved outwardly and don't get confused in concave of hill because a hill never is concave a bowl is concave so convex is curved outwardly and concave is curved inwardly

What does concave mean in math?

It means sunken in. If the top of a stone is concave, it can hold rainwater.'Convex' means swollen out. If the top of a stone is convex, water rolls off.