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the stitching.

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Q: What does curve lines on clothes mean?
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What is non intersecting for geometry?

In the context of Euclidean straight lines it would mean parallel lines. In the context of a curve and a line (or another curve) it would mean the line and the curve do not meet at any point, but not a lot more can be deduced about them.

Pictures of different kinds of lines?

zigzag lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, right curve, over curve,left curve, under curve, scallop lines, left slanting lines, right slanting lines

Why successive lines with a change in slope look like a curve?

A curve is formed by lines. If the length of these lines is reduced to zero, we get a very smooth curve.

Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

They curve with the curve of the Earth.

What is the meaning of wavy lines?

a series of curve lines

Straight lines that touch but don't intersect a curve?

Tangent to the curve.

Can parallel lines curve or turn?


What are the types of curved lines?

Restrained , Simple Curve , Full Curve And Compound

What was the symbol of pi?

a curve line on top and 2 tall curve lines under it

What do curved lines effect have on clothes?

I am a bit confused about your question. If you mean about like cut curved lines, then this is your answer: If there is a curved cut line on clothes, A.there may show your skin that you don't want people to see This answer is about the design of the curved lines on clothes: A. It may ruin the clothes that you bought or made. B. It may just look weird.

How do you draw a curve with straight lines?

While a curve is one continuous motion, you can create the illusion of a curve by using straight lines. In order to do this, draw a continuous pattern of short straight lines, while changing the direction of each line slightly.

Where two lines or curve cross?