What does custody rights mean?

Updated: 10/17/2022
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Custody rights are granted by a probate or family court order that grants the care, control, and maintenance of a child, to one or both parents following a following a divorce or separation proceeding or in the case of unmarried parents, when the father has established his paternity in court. An unmarried mother has custody of her child until the father has established his paternity in order to acquire parental rights.

In another sense, a non-parent is sometimes granted a guardianship over a child and that person is said to have legal custody of the child. However, they are more accurately called the legal guardian.

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Q: What does custody rights mean?
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Related questions

What does it mean to retain parental rights but lose custody?

It means you have lost your right to physical and legal custody but you are still eligible to request visitation rights. Without parental rights you have no rights whatsoever in regards to your child.

What does custody visitation mean?

Establishment of the parental rights of access. see link

Does Connecticut have Joint Custody laws-I did not sign birt certifcate and we are not mairried-Does this mean I still have custody rights over my child?

No, see link

How old do you need to be to be allowed to have legal rights?

You have legal rights from birth. If you mean regarding custody and decide who to live with, you have to be 18 to decide by yourself.

What custody rights does a father and a husband have to his children after a year of no contact with the children?

Generally, if married he has custody rights equal to the mother unless she has brought a petition for sole custody in his absence. If he is not married his custody rights must be established by a court order.

If i give my kids dad full custody does that mean my rights are terminated?

No. Rights are terminated voluntarily (typically, preparatory to an adoption) or by the court following a verdict that the parent is unfit. Also, custody should be confirmed by court order.

Do you have to have full legal custody to sign over rights?

yes you do have to have full legal rights to sign over custody.

Can A grandmother get child Support if parents rights were terminated?

Terminating parents rights does not mean they don't have to pay for their child. If you as the grandmother is the legal guardian and have custody you have to go to court to petition for child support. If you don't have legal custody you have to get it first.

What is shared legal custody mean?

Shared legal custody means that both parents have equal rights to make decisions regarding the child. One parent may have physical custody with the non-physical-custody parent paying child support.

What rights does a mother have if custody hasn't been established?

If you are not married the custody automatically falls on the mother and the father have to go to court to get visitation or custody. If you are married you have equal rights.

Does an incarcerated convicted felon have any child custody rights in Ga?

Not custody rights but you can have a chance to visitation. Speak to your lawyer.

What custody rights does an aunt have?

No, only parents or grandparents are mentioned in the custody rights laws of the different states and not always grandparents either. It's up to the court when you apply for custody.