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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What does dg in math stand for?
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What does dg stand for in measurement?

in measurements dg stands for decigrams

What do the letters DG stand for on coins?

DG stand for Dei Gratia, Latin for "by the grace of God."

What does mg and dg stand for?

When relating to weight and mass, mg stands for milligram, and dg stands for decigram.

What does dg stand for in the metrics system?

It stands for deci-gram

What does dg stand for?

Mathematically speaking, dg could be deci-grams, ie one tenth of a gram. Without a context it is impossible to give an exact answer.

What does a letter stand for in math especially n?

A letter in math can stand for any number

What the h in math stand for?

Math is an abbreviation of mathematics: it is not an acronym. So the h does not stand for anything!

What does dg mean in math?


What does Does DG mean on jewelry?


In math what does SA stand for?

surface area

What does Daniel 2 31 mean?

fgdf fgd gdfg dg dg dfg dfg dg dg dfg dd

What dose L stand for in math?

the letter L can stand for a variable.

What are the notes to Flintstones theme song on alto sax?

dg,gedg,dcbbcdgab dg,gedg,dcbbcdgab fbgffeefeeafeedded dg,gedg,dcbbcdgab bcdgaddcdgbg dg,gedg,dcbbcdgab dg,gedg,dcbbcdgab fbgffeefeeafeedded dg,gedg,dcbbcdgab bcdgaddcdgbg

What does mm stand for in math?


What does c stand for in math?


What does cg stand for in math?


What does a i stand for in math terms?


What abbr stand for in math?


What does ''mi'' stand for in math?


What does 14kt DG mean?

What does 14K DG mean

How do you convert grams to dg?

1 dg = 0.1 g, so 1 g = 10 dg

What does WFN PBP DG stand for?

world financial bank payment, maybe you have a Herbergers card or bonton they are all affiliated with the same bank

What is e stand for in a math problem?

"e" might stand for a variable depending on a question.

What is a term math?

Math is the American spelling. Maths is the British spelling. Both stand for Mathematics.

What does mi in math stand for?

it stands for miles.