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In Drama the word "Shape" is referred as an actor being an object. For Example the actor is performing as a tree - that would be a shape

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Q: What does different shapes mean in drama?
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What does it mean to have different levels in drama?

It can mean how high your voice is.

What does it mean to offer products of different tastes and shapes?

Non-price competition offers products of different tastes and shapes.

What does shape mean in art terms mean?

It means that where are different shapes.

Why is space imortant in drama?

space is a main component in drama because it shows shapes, levels and proxemics.

What does spontaneous improvisation mean in drama?

This is when the drama isn't rehearsed or planned but when you do it on the spot and come up with different things as you go along.

What are the subjects taken in a drama school?

Different drama schools offer different courses and they come in many shapes and forms. You'll find acting courses, musical theatre courses, technical courses and many more. It's best you do the research to find out which course suits you best.

What does congruent and simliar mean?

Congruent means when 2 shapes are exactly the same Similar means the shapes are exactly same but with different sides

What does vocal technique mean in drama?

loud and quiet voices, different tone of voice!

Why are shapes and sizes of cell different?

Cells are different shapes and sizes because they have different functions. The functions dictate the shapes and sizes.

How are areas of regular shapes calculated?

There are different formulae for different shapes.

What is two shapes that are different sizes called?

If they are the same shapes but differ only in size, then they are SIMILAR shapes. Otherwise, they are simply different shapes.

What does it mean for shapes to tessellate?

Look up tesselation on google images, there are also different types of tesselation. Shapes connected together from left to right, or in rotations