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It means the price is lower than what it would be ordinarily; a percentage markdown has been made from the original price.

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Q: What does discount price mean?
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Related questions

What does price reflects discount mean?

If a price reflects discount, the discount has already been applied.

What does nett price mean?

if you mean "Net Price", it's the amount after deducting trade discount and cash discount.

What does accessible price mean?

It means a discount price

Price paid after the discount is subtracted is called?

Price paid after the discount is subtracted is called the discount price. This is also commonly referred to as the net price.

How do you find the discount knowing only the discounted price and original price?

Discount = Original Price - Discounted Price Percentage Discount = 100* Discount / Original Price

How do you find the original price of discounted item?

You need to know the discounted price and either the discount amount or the discount rate. If you know the discount amount: Original Price = Discounted Price + Discount If you know the Discount Rate (percentage discount ): Original Price = 100*Discounted Price / (100 - Discount Rate)

What is price less discount?

Price less Discount = Discounted price/Reduced price/Sale price.

How do you calculate percentage discount?

Discount = Original Price - Discounted Price.Percentage Discount = 100*Discount/(Original Price)

A store is giving 50 percent discount on all merchandise find the discount price?

discount price = price / 2

How do you find the discount if you have the original price and the sale price?

Discount = Original Price minus Sale price.

What does sale price mean?

Sale priceis the total amount of money after a discount.

If the sales price is 50 and the regular price is 201 what is the discount?

The discount is 75.1%

What is the original price with a 20 percent discount you get 249.99?

$312.49 ; here's how: You have original price is 100%, final price = original price - discount amount, and discount amount = original price * discount percent.So Final price = original price - original price * discount percent = (Original price)*(100 % - discount percent).249.99 = P0 * (100%-20%) = P0 * (0.80) ---> P0 = 249.99 / 0.80 = 312.4875

How do you calculate original price if iam given the discount and the on sale price?

Original price = Sale price + Discount amount

Selling price 100 and market price is 125 what is discount percent?

The discount is 20%

What is discount percent if sale price is 1778.36 and marked price 1469.08?

The discount is about 17.4%

If the original price is 25 dollars and the discount price is 23.75 what is the percent discount?


If the original price is 95 and the sales price is 61.75 what is the percent of discount?

34% discount

The regular price of an item is 79.99 the discount percent 15 percent find the discount and the sale price?

The discount value is $11.99 and the sale price is $67.99

What is 30 percent of 30 dollars?

Percentage * Original Price = Discount Price 30% * $30 = Discount Price 0.3 or (30/100) * $30 = $9 Discount Price = $9

Does buying a phone full price mean that you have to sign a new contract with Verizon?

No, only if you buy the phone at their discount price.

What happens to the discount and sale price if the rate of discount goes up?

The discount goes up, the sale price goes down.

What is the sale price of 12.57 and 15 percent?

I believe you mean a 15 % discount. The discount is --- 0.15 x 12.57 = 1.8855 round to 1.88 ( merchants always round down) Since this is a discount subtract from the price. 12.57 - 1.88 = 10.69

How do you find the percent of discount if you know the original price in the sale price?

Percentage discount = 100*(1 - sale price/original price)

A 50 cape is on sale for 25 percent off what is the discount price?

The discount price is $37.50