What does dispatched?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Dispatched is the act of sending someone or something off to a destination for a specific purpose.

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Q: What does dispatched?
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What is the definition of dispatched?

Dispatched means 'sent'

How do you spell dispatched or is it despatched?

The correct spelling is dispatched.

How would you use dispatched in a sentence?

"the spy was dispatched after being caught" other words he was killed

What is an example of a sentence using the word dispatched?

Dispatched means like when big business guys say like '' Oh yeah i had dispatched that cargo''. Basicly all it means the they had shipped your product or something to another place. In other words it all so is just another word for transferd there are more than one meaning for dispatched isn't there for example: Send off to a destination or for a purpose * he ''dispatched'' messages back to base * the mayor ''dispatched'' 150 police officers to restore order Deal with (a task, problem, or opponent) quickly and efficiently * they ''dispatched'' the opposition Kill * he ''dispatched'' the animal with one blow

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What is the meaning of dispatched?

of Dispatch

What does this mean Delivery has been dispatched from change of destination office?

Delivery has been dispatched from change of destination office

What is another word for dispatched?


Who do you register with to be dispatched to natural disasters?


What part of speech is dispatched?

Verb and adjective

What actors and actresses appeared in Dispatched - 2013?

The cast of Dispatched - 2013 includes: Teresa Lim as Olivia Alfredo Narciso Karen Tsen Lee

When are angels dispatched to you?

According to legends and myths, angels are dispatched in times of great need and when God has a message to someone personally. The word angel means messenger.