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In other words it means not getting to the point, or getting anything solved in between of information.

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Q: What does drowning problems in an ocean of information is not the same as solving them mean?
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Where is barmuda triangle and how is it?

it takes over 3 parts, 1 part in the atlantic ocean,2 part in the pacific ocean and the whole barmuda is a triangle with something or in it or it has gravity problems.

What are the four ocean in order of largest to smallest?

Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean

What are the probable sources of salt in the atmosphere?

the ocean. water from the ocean evaporates into the air, ocean water has salt in it.

What fraction is 2 3rds for Arctic ocean?

This question cannot be answered in a sensible way. First of all, there is no artic ocean. The nearest is Arctic Ocean. Next, the fraction 2/3 is the same, whether in the Arctic ocean, or on the moon!

Toes toes toes toes toes. Fingers fingers fingers fingers fingers. What is 2 plus 2?

1 Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean covering more than 30% of the Earth. This is close to half of the water on Earth. It touches the west coast border of the Americas along with east Asia and Australia. The equator divides the Pacific Ocean into two separate parts – the North Pacific Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. Pacific means “peaceful” in Latin. It has the deepest trenches with an average depth of 3800m. READ MORE: Earth’s Crust: Oceanic Crust vs Continental Crust 2 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean The Atlantic Ocean is situated between the Americas and European/African continents. The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest and saltiest ocean in the world. It resembles an S-shape between the Americas, Europe, and Africa. “Atlantic” originated from the Greek god “Atlas” who carried the sky for eternity. The ocean bottom is composed of mid-Atlantic Ridge. This submarine mountain range extends all the way from Iceland to 58 degrees South latitude. It’s part of the longest mountain range in the world. The Vikings, Portuguese, and Christopher Columbus have extensively explored the Atlantic Ocean. Similarly to this day, it’s being used for trade routes such as the transatlantic trade route. 3 Indian Ocean Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean surrounding a densely populated region. It contains an additional 20% of the water on Earth’s surface. It borders India in the North, East Africa, Australia, and the Southern Ocean. Because of the higher water temperature, it has limited marine life. Since about 800 A.D. the Indian Ocean has played an important role in trading. For centuries, navigators have sailed along major ocean currents for shipment routes. It is bounded by 4 tectonics plate boundaries and may include an additional plate boundary. It is the geologically youngest of the 5 oceans with spreading ridges at divergent plate boundaries. 4 Southern Ocean Southern Ocean In 2000, the Southern Ocean is the newest ocean recognized by the International Hydrographic Organization. It borders Antarctica in its entirety. In terms of size, it’s the fourth-largest at 20,327,000 square kilometers. It extends out to 60 degrees South latitude. It’s an extreme environment and is the least understood of the 5 oceans. This is because it is unexplored, far from populated areas, and has a severe climate. Despite the Southern Ocean being unexplored, about 80% of all oceans in the world are unexplored. There’s still a lot of work to do for ocean exploration. 5 Arctic Ocean Arctic Ocean The Arctic Ocean is the world’s smallest and shallowest ocean of all 5 oceans. Further to this, it is the coldest and least salty ocean. In size, the Arctic Ocean is about the size of Russia. Because it’s located at the North Pole, the Arctic Ocean has polar ice. But over the years, glaciers have melted threatening sea levels to rise. Despite the IHO recognizing it as the “Arctic Ocean”, some oceanographers still call it the “Arctic Sea”. The Arctic Ocean is the most diverse in terms of fish species. It has a wide variety of marine species including whales, jellyfish, etc. But because of its frigid temperatures, it has little plant life. This makes it one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet.

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Can a life savor ever saved a life?

Yes, they are often used to save people from drowning in the ocean

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What is the major human-caused problems int he ocean?

pollution is the main human caused problem in the ocean.

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it goes up in the ocean

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tsunamis effect the earth's surface by changing the shape of the ocean floor and drowning islands and land.

By using information about the temperature and salinity of ocean water oceangraphers can describe the?

By using information about the temperature and salinity of ocean water oceangraphers can describe the?

How can you show someone drowning onstage while they are standing up with lighting only?

For the underwater part: Use caustic patterns lighting effects. These are the bright and dark light patterns that you see at on the ocean floor or the bottom of the pool. These are often generated in computer painting programs and could be projected on the actor or area with a projector tied to an appropriate computer rendering of an ocean bottom. For the drowning part: That is the skill of being an actor.