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mc squared.

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Q: What does e equal in math terms?
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What is the meaning of e in math terms?

e is an irrational constant approximately equal to 2.71828182

What is a comparison in math terms?

A comparison in math terms is when you see if two problems are equal to each other.

What is mathematical E?

E, in math terms, means Energy. Everyone knows that.

What does gram mean in math terms?

In math terms, gram means a unit of measurement. This is a metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.

What does undefined mean in math terms?

it means that there is no number that is equal to the euqation

What does cup mean in math terms?

a unit of measure equal to half of a pint

What does equilateral mean in math terms?

It means that all sides of the shape are equal.

What does equal interval in math terms mean?

Two intervals (a, b) and (c, d) are said to be equal if b - a = d - c.

What does expression means in math terms?

itsan equation with no equal sign. example xyz*334

What is the definition of diamond in math terms?

A convex quadrilateral with two pair of equal adjacent sides.

What does improper fraction mean in math terms?

A fraction where the numerator is equal to or greater than the denominator.

What are math words that start with E?

edge even equality equal error

What does equation mean in the terms of math in more or less?

It means "not equal to".

What does regular mean in math terms?

Regular refers to a polygon of which all internal angles and side-lengths are equal.

Are congruent segments are the same as equal segment?

yes they are... congruency means the same thing as equality in math terms.

What does not respresnt 8.5 percent?

The question would need more info to answer. 8.5% is not equal to a lot of math terms.

What does principal mean in math terms?

principal(in terms of math)- the amount you borrow or deposit

What does 'pi' mean in math terms?

In math terms, pi, means 3.14, which is a everlasting decimal, that is just rounded to make your math easier. So pi, means 3.14 in math terms.

What does alternate mean in math terms?

When a transversal line cuts through parallel lines it creates equal alternate angles.

Math words that starts with E?

equal equation equilateral triangle estimate ellipseexponet

What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?

A math expression is a collection of math terms

What does odds mean in math terms?

the word odd means when that number is not equal for example 4 is equal beacause they have paterner and like three doesnt and i give

What is the value of pie in math terms?

3.14159265 etc. Correct spelling is: Pi no 'e'

What does outcome mean in math terms?

in math terms, specifically statistics, the outcome is the results expressed as part of the total.

What does represent mean in terms of math?

ask your math teacher

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