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Eight and a half what?

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Q: What does eight and a half equal in inches?
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Related questions

If a pen is 8 inches what is the nearest half inch?

Eight inches rounded to the nearest half inch is still eight inches.

How many inches are in eight and one half yards?

Well , there are 36 inches in a yard So , 36 x 8 and a 1/2 is equal to ( 306 inches )

Half a yard equals how many inches?

One yard is equal to 36 inches. Therefore, half a yard is equal to 36 / 2 = 18 inches.

Eight and a half pounds equal how many ounces?

Eight and a half pounds equal 136 ounces.

How many inches one half equal to o1 half foot?

6 inches in one half foot.

What is one-third of eight and a half inches?

2.83 recurring inches.

What does diameter of a circle equal if the radius is eight inches?

16 inches

1and a half yard equals how many inches?

A yard is three feet, and a foot is twelve inches. Multiply twelve by three and you get forty-eight. Half of three is one and a half, so that would be eighteen inches. Add eighteen and forty-eight is sixty-six. One yard is forty-eight inches, and one and a half feet is eighteen inches. Thus, a one and a half yard is sixty-six inches.

What does 5 and half inches equal?

5 inches = 13.97 centimetres.

How many inches are equal to two and a half feet?

30 inches

How many mm in eight and half inches?

8.5 inches = 215.9 mm

How many inches are there in half a mile?

One mile is equal to 1760 x 3 x 12 = 63360 inches. Therefore, half a mile is equal to 63360/2 = 31680 inches.

Is eight ninths equal to one half?


18 inches is equal to how many yards?

18 inches is half a yard

6 and one half feet equal how many inches?

78 inches

How long in inches is 8mm?

Eight millimeters is equal to 0.31 inches. There are 24.4 millimeters in one inch and one millimeter is equal to 0.04 inches.

What is 102 inches in feet?

There are 12 inches in a foot. That would be eight and a half feet.

What is one half inches multiply by three fourth inches equal?

3 / 8 square inches

If 10 feet equals 14 inches how many inches will 5 and a half feet make?

10 feet does not equal 14 inches. 10 feet equals 120 inches, so five and a half feet equal 66 inches.

How main inches in five point eight inches?

Inches and inches are the same unit of measurement. Therefore, 5.8 inches is equal to 5.8 inches.

How many feet does six inches equal?

its a half a foot. there are 12 inches in a foot.

How many inches do 3 yards 2 feet eight inches equal together?

140 inches in all.

How many miles are in eight and a half inches?

So there are 5280 feet in a mile. And since 12 inches=1 foot, you can solve (8.5/12)/5280=approx. 0.000134 miles. There are about 0.000134 miles in eight and a half inches.

How many eight note to have two half note?

You need eight 8th notes to equal two half notes.

How big can a cardinal get?

Seven to eight and a half inches in length.