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eight and one thirds equals to 25/3 or 8.333

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8 1/3 = 8.33333

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Q: What does eight and one thirds equal?
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Related questions

8 2 3 is equal to how thirds-?

Eight and two-thirds (8-2/3) is equal to 26 thirds.

8 2 3 is equal to how many thirds?

Eight and two thirds (8-2/3) is equal to 26 thirds.

What is eight times one third equal?

The answer is two and two thirds buddy

Does eight twelves equal to two thirds?


Is two thirds equal to eight twelfths?

Yes it is equal

What is the mixed number for seven thirds?

Three thirds are equal to one whole, therefore seven thirds is equal to two and one third.

One over eighth plus two thirds?

If you are asking one-eighth plus two-thirds then the answer is 14/16 which reduces to 7/8. Find the least common denominator (16) If you are asking one over one-eith plus two-thirds then the answer is 8 and two-thirds. This is because one over one-eighth means one divided by one eighth. You would invert the denominator (one-eighth) and multiply it to one. Eight over one is the same as eight. One times eight equals eight. Then add eight to two-thirds. This equals eight and two thirds (8 2/3).

Is the fraction three eighths equal to the fraction eight thirds?


What is eight twelfths equal to?

Eight twelfths is equal to two thirds because when you divide both top and bottom by 4, you are left with 2/3.

What does eight and two thirds times two equal?

17.33333 repeating

What mixed number is equal to eight thirds?

2 and 2/3

What is eight minus two thirds?

Eight minus two thirds would be seven and one third.

Is eight and three thirds equivalent to eight and three thirds?

Eight and three thirds IS eight and three thirds. It is not an equivalence, it is an identity.

What whole number is equal to nine thirds minus eight fourths?


How many thirds equal eight twelfths?

8/12 = 2/3

What are two fractions that are equal to four sixths?

two thirds and eight twelves

How many thirds equal one whole region?

Three thirds.

DOES One third plus two thirds equal one?

I believe that it does equal one!

What is 2 thirds of a year?

Eight months would equal 2/3rds of a year.

Two thirds of a cup is equal to how many ounces?

I think two thirds of a cup is equal to one ounce and a half.

Does two one thirds equal one half?

No it doesn't it equals two thirds which is greater than one half.

What is eight and one half minus four and two thirds?

8 1/2 is equal two 3 1/2 or 3 3/6

Are two thirds and one sixth equal?

no , two thirds is the same as four sixths

Is two thirds equal to one half?


How does two thirds equal one whole?

It does not.