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It is a ban or restriction on goods!The prohibition of commerce and trade within a certain conutry(a trade barrier.

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Q: What does embargo mean?
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Related questions

What does secondary Embargo mean?

banning of trade.

What does mean nevertherless in spanish?

Sin embargo.

What does trade sanctions mean?

It can mean an embargo of goods sent to or from a country.

What does sin embargo mean in English?

"Never the less"

What is the plural form of 'embargo'?

The plural form of embargo is embargoes.

How do you use embargo in a sentence?

look at that embargo I hope that the president doesnt announce an embargo Embargo = a ban on trade

What is an example sentence for embargo?

They enforced a trade embargo against the country.There has been a trade embargo against North Korea for years.An embargo is bad for businesses, unless you're a smuggler.

What does the word LIEN mean in Spanish?

Derecho de retención, Embargo precauorio

Why was the embargo placed on Cuba?

why was the embargo on cuba?

Who supports embargo?

An embargo is organized for a particular reason. Those who agree with the reason, will support the embargo.

What does embargo luggage mean?

luggage means (the bags that you take with you when you fly to other coutries)

What does sin mean in spanish?

'sin' means without 'sin embargo' translates as however

What is the plural of embargo?

The plural form of embargo is embargoes

What part of speech is embargo?

Embargo is a verb and a noun.

Who was Moral Embargo?

I think you mean what. From what I know it is a embargo, or the prohibition of commerce/trade with another country, and it is based on moral grounds. So it is put in place because it it what a country thinks is the right thing to do.

When did the Cuban Embargo happen?

The Cuban Embargo occurred in 1962.

Which country has an embargo with Cuba?

The United States.

What is the duration of Embargo film?

The duration of Embargo - film - is 1.38 hours.

Which president enforced the Embargo Act?

Thomas Jefferson enforced the Embargo Act.

Which president repealed the Embargo Act?

James Madison repealed the Embargo Act.

Use embargo in a sentence?

They had to embargo a guy from Mexico for he had a suitcase full of stolen

What was the result of the US embargo on Japan?

The embargo resulted in the attack on Pearl Harbour.

3 sentences with embargo in it?

i went through my day without an embargo to worry about.

What is the singular possessive of embargo?

The singular possessive form for the noun embargo is embargo's.

Which led to the War of 1812?

The embargo against England The Embargo Act Impressment

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