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The equal sign means that the term on the right is equivalent to the term on the left. This is common in equations.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What does equal mean in math?
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What does equal groups mean in math?

to be identical or equal too

What Does How Many mean in Math?

equal or the awnser ESE

What does equivalent mean in math?

same as or equal to

What does no less than mean in math?

More than or equal to.

What does the equal sign mean in math?

"is equivalent to"

What does the word equal mean in math?


What dose equivalent mean in math?

Equal to

What does an equal sign with a slash in the middle mean in math?

The equal sign with the slash means "is not equal to".

What does equal mean in shapes?

If shapes are equal then they are said to be congruent

What does equal mean in geometry?

"Equal" means they are the same whether in geometry or another math.

What does equal share mean in math?

Look in the dictionary bum

What does equal sign mean in math?

It means the figures on either side of the equal sign have equal values to each other.

What words in math mean equal?

Equivalent, same, equal to, same value, same magnitude, etc...

What does undefined mean in math terms?

it means that there is no number that is equal to the euqation

What does inequality signs mean in math?

It is a statement that two numbers are NOT equal.

What is hectometer in math mean?

One hectometre is equal to 100 metres.

What does atleast mean in math term?

It means equal to or more than.

What does regular mean in math?

The word, "regular" in math means that the shape has the same/equal sides.A regular shape has internal and external angles that are all equal.

What is equality in math?

Depends how you use it. It can mean equal Or it can mean the equation

What does unit cube mean in math term?

a cube that is equal to 1 unit....

What does equivalence mean in math?

Equal. For example, 4*8=30+2

What does cup mean in math terms?

a unit of measure equal to half of a pint

What does right mean in math?

that all sides equal only 90 dreegers

What does equilateral mean in math terms?

It means that all sides of the shape are equal.

What does isosceles mean in a math term?

it means two sides are equal and the other is not