What does equiangular mean?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Equiangular means "having equal angles" or "with all angles equal" or the like. An equilateral triangle (a triangle having all 3 sides the same length) is equiangular. Each of it's interior angles is 60 degrees. A quadrilateral (a 4-sided figure) that is equiangular would have to have each of its interior angles equal to 90 degrees, and the quadrilateral would then have to be a rectangle.

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Q: What does equiangular mean?
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What does regular and irregular shapes mean?

Regular shapes are both equilateral and equiangular. Irregular shapes may or may not be equilateral and equiangular.

What does the word equiangular mean in math?

Having all angles with the same measure. A rectangle, for example is equiangular (each angle = 90 deg).

What is the meaning of equiangular?

Having equal angles; as, an equiangular figure; a square is equiangular.

Does a equiangular triangle have to be equilateral?

No, an equilateral triangle has to be equiangular, but an equiangular triangle does NOT have to be equilateral

What does equilateral and equiangular mean?

The terms equiangular means a polygon having the same angle between any two adjacent sides. Equilateral means all sides of equal length. A polygon can be equilateral without being equiangular (the rhombus) and equiangular without being equilateral (the rectangle). If a polygon is both equilateral and equiangular, it is a "regular polygon" such as the pentagon, square, and equilateral triangle.

What quadrilaterals are equilateral and equiangular?

Squares are equilateral and equiangular.

Is An equiangular triangle congruent to every other equiangular triangle?


What angles are equiangular?

Angles cannot be equiangular: the latter is a property of polygons. Equiangular polygons are ones in which all the angles are equal.

Which figure is not always equiangular a rectangle rhombus or a square?

A rhombus is NEVER equiangular. If it were equiangular it would no longer be a rhombus but a square.

Are regular polygons always equiangular?

A regular polygon is always equiangular.

Are equilateral polygons equiangular?

Yes they normally are equiangular if the sides are equilateral

What shape is not always equiangular?

An irregular polygon