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List the integers that will divide into the number evenly with no remainder.

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Q: What does find the factor of a number mean?
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Related questions

What does factor mean in math terms?

Factor, in maths terms means "a number that divides into a given number with no remainders". You may be asked to find the "highest common factor" that two number share - this is the "biggest number that divides into both the given numbers, with no remainders".

If you know a factor of a number an you find another factor explain?

Yes. If you know one factor of a number, divide it into the number. The answer will be another factor.

If you know a factor of a number can you find another factor?

Yes you can find an answer.

What does a factor number mean?

A factor usaully is a math term meaning a number

How do you find a number out of a number?

You can 'factor' a number to find the numbers whose products make that number.

How can I find a greatest factor of 96?

The greatest factor of any number is the number itself.

How do you find the composite number?

Factor it. Once you find a third factor, it's composite.

If you know a factor of a number can you find another factor explain?

Factors come in pairs. If you know one factor, divide it into the number. The answer will be another factor.

How do you find out if 11 is a factor of a number?

Divide 11 into the number. If it comes out even, it's a factor.

Why do you factor numbers in algebra?

to find a factor of a number you have to 1. find the hcf (highest common factor) 2. find how many times the hcf goes into your number AND THAT IS YOUR ANSWER!

What is the use for a tree diagram?

Calculate probability and if you mean factor tree diagram, it can find the prime factors of any number.

What does a square factor mean?

A factor that is a square number. 16 is a square factor of 32.

Find a natural number which is a factor of 42?

42 is a factor of itself.

What does factor in 4th grade math mean?

a factor in forth grade is the number you multulplie the other number by.

What is the word factor mean in math?

A factor is a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression.

What is a factor number?

A factor number is a range that has an amount which can be indivisibly divided by its own factor of odd numbers that also can compose to the mean of even numbers.

What does it mean to factor a number?

you find out what times what equals that number e. 1 times 18 =18, 2 times 9= 18 so the factors of 18 are 1,2,9,18

What does it mean for a number to be factor of another number?

It can be divided into that number evenly with no remainder.

How do you find the factor of 3?

Add up the digits of the given number. If they total a multiple of three, the number has three as a factor.

Where do you find x factor tickets?

You get x factor tickets by calling the number in the commercial.

How do you find the lowest common factor of a number?

The least common factor is always 1.

What does multiple and factor mean in math?

the multiple means the number used to multiply. And the factor means a number to multiply or divide by

What does Scale Factor mean?

A scale factor is a number which scales, or multiplies, some quantity. A scale factor of two would mean to multiply whatever it is by two.

How do you find the greatest common factor of a set of numbers?

The greatest common factor (or GCF) is the highest number that can divide into aanother number, and not have a decimal (whole number).

How can you determine whether a counting number is a composite number?

Start looking for factors; you already know that 1 is a factor, and that the number itself is a second factor (unless the number is 1). As soon as you find a factor that is neither 1 nor the number itself, the number is composite. If you find exactly two factors, the number is prime. If the number has only one factor, the number is 1, which is neither prime nor composite.