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Q: What does form follows funcionmean?
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What is meant by the phrase form follows content?

The original term phrase was, "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION." In recent years it has been modified for literary use to "FORM FOLLOWS CONTENT."

Which baroque form follows the pattern fast-slow-fast?

Concerto is the baroque form that follows the pattern fast-slow-fast.The baroque form concerto follows the patter fast-slow-fast.

What does form follows functionmost nearly mean?

Form follows function means that the shape of a machine or device will be dictated by what it is designed to do. I have no idea where the "most nearly" fits in.

A type of line that follows form?

Contour line

What pronoun follows any form of the verb to be?

An objective pronoun follows a verb 'to be'.The objective personal pronouns are: me, us, you, him, her, it, them.

What form of personal pronoun follows a preposition?

An objective personal pronoun follows a preposition. The objective pronouns are: are me, us, him, her, you, it, and them.

Form follows function most nearly means?

The principle "form follows function" was coined by American architect Louis Sullivan. In biology, it means that structures adapt a certain form in order for a function to be performed.

Is could a helping verb?

When an verb ending in ing follows a form of is, then is is a helping verb as in this sentence. Likewise, when a past participle follows a form of is, then is has been used as a helping verb.

What if full form of KPMG?

Full form of KPMG as follows: Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler

What is the finest example of a structure in which form follows function?

The Brooklyn Bridge

What does it mean when a number follows you?

It could be a form of stalking and it should be reported

Which architect said form ever follows function?

Louis Sullivan